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Arabic Programs

> E-Learning (Online Arabic) Program

> Mixed Arabic (Standard & Colloquial) Program

> Modern Standard Arabic Program (MSA)

> Colloquial Arabic Program

> Week-End Arabic Program

> Private (One-To-One) Arabic Program

> Summer Intensive Arabic For Kids

Special Arabic Programs

> Arabic Language For Diplomats

> Arabic For College Students & Researchrs

> Arabic Language For Media

> Intensive Arabic Program + Accommodation

Other Languages

Turkish Programs:

   > Live Turkish (Online Turkish) Course

   > General Turkish (Intensive / Non-intensive)

   > Private Turkish (One-To-One) Course

Hebrew Programs:

   > Live Hebrew (Online Hebrew) Course

   > General Hebrew (Intensive / Non-intensive)

   > Private Hebrew (One-To-One) Course

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SEBILCenter for Arabic Language - Ramallah, Palestine - has great experiences and is specialized in teaching Arabic for over 20 years, and offers various Arabic language programs for different purposes: Online Arabic courses, Mixed Arabic courses (Standard & Colloquial Arabic), Standard Arabic courses, Colloquial Arabic courses, Week-End Arabic courses and Private Arabic courses (One-to-One).

You learn Arabic in the beautiful and the varied country, Palestine, with friendly people, excellent food and an amazing cultural heritage. The Center helps you to speak and understand Arabic as well as to write and analyze using the Arabic language. Therefore, you can speak and understand Arabic in a very few weeks and make your dream comes true.

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Learn Arabic in Ramallah, Palestine and see how it is a wonderful language. There are lots of people who face difficulties in learning Arabic, but at SEBIL Center it is very easy.

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The Arabic Language has the largest number of words in contrast with other languages. It has 12,300,000 words without repeating. While the English language has only 600,000 words according to the biggest English lexicon. This means that the Arabic words are more than 20 times of the English words. On the other hand, the French language has 150,000 words, and the Russian language has 130,000 words according to the biggest language lexicons. That’s may help answer the question: Is Arabic the mother of all languages?      

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