Enjoy Arabic language Program with the teacher's residence or with the teacher's supervision. This program is the largest language one that combines several activities: social and cultural, with entertainment. This program gives you the chance to learn Arabic all day in a direct and indirect way. The course is tailored to the student’s needs and objectives. You will have maximum amount of progress in a minimum amount of time, with full immersion with your teacher, and in an authentic cultural experience in a social atmosphere.

It has really surprised many learners because you learn every moment in a warm and encouraging family atmosphere full of love and care with an encouraging and motivating environment, especially for those who want to master the language very quickly. The learner would live with his teacher, but this choice usually depends on availability (the learners whom had registered first for the program, you can contact the Center regarding this matter), otherwise, learners can live in a furnished studio not far from the Center.
  Full Immersion Intensive Arabic Program
Notes:  Full Immersion Arabic Program

* Lesson = 45 Minutes.
* Registration fee: €50 Euro paid once at registration.
* Study materials booklet: €50 Euro, paid every four weeks.
* Placement Test: €50 Euro, (For students other than beginners).
* Extending a program to more weeks or lessons should be done at least one week prior to the end of the current course.
* All prices quoted are subject to change without notice!
Full Immersion Arabic Program
Course Info
Duration At least 4 weeks up to 48 weeks
Lessons Per Week At Least 20 Lessons
Lesson 45 Minutes
Days per week 5 Days
Levels 6 levels, beginners to advanced.
Average students in class 1 student
Maximum students in class 2 students.
Class periods Morning or evening
Period Time
Morning Flexible
Evening Flexible
Number of Weeks # Lessons Course Fee
* Usually the minimum number of weeks is 4 weeks.
* Number of lessons depends on the type and number of activities you want to register for.
* Course fee depends on different variables, please fill in the application form for more details.
  For a longer period please check:

Five-Year Arabic Programs Calendar (Programs Starting Dates: 2019-2023)
  Please note that:

1- The Private Arabic Training Program (One-To-One), Online Arabic Program and Full Immersion Arabic Program do not follow these dates. These kinds of courses start immediately at any date of registration.

2-  For a group of students who have nearly the same language level also can start immediately at any date of registration.

** Registration is still open for some courses.
Programs Starting Dates
Fall 2019 Winter 2019/2020
2 September 2019 2 December 2019
1 October 2019 2 January 2020
3 November 2019
(Registration is still open) **
2 February 2020
Spring 2020 Summer 2020
2 March 2020 1 June 2020
1 April 2020 1 July 2020
3 May 2020 3 August 2020
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