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Arabic Programs

> E-Learning (Online Arabic) Program

> Mixed Arabic (Standard & Colloquial) Program

> Modern Standard Arabic Program (MSA)

> Colloquial Arabic Program

> Week-End Arabic Program

> Private (One-To-One) Arabic Program

> Summer Intensive Arabic For Kids

Special Arabic Programs

> Arabic Language For Diplomats

> Arabic For College Students & Researchrs

> Arabic Language For Media

> Intensive Arabic Program + Accommodation

Other Languages

Turkish Programs:

   > Live Turkish (Online Turkish) Course

   > General Turkish (Intensive / Non-intensive)

   > Private Turkish (One-To-One) Course

Hebrew Programs:

   > Live Hebrew (Online Hebrew) Course

   > General Hebrew (Intensive / Non-intensive)

   > Private Hebrew (One-To-One) Course

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Hebrew Language Programs

Learn the Hebrew language easily, quickly and with a high quality.

You can learn the modern practical language easily for all purposes in a very short time. The Center is an extended experience in teaching Hebrew and its culture. Therefore, if you are interested in learning Hebrew and don’t want to face any difficulty in studying the Semitic languages, you can join us and get the high motivation and thriller to achieve your goal. The Center is equipped with all the facilities and resources that help you learn and master the language in media, journalism, tourism, politics, culture and religious purposes. You will notice, since the first week, that you can acquire a new language that you can use in your daily life.

Join Sebil Center for Hebrew language for general purposes and enjoy the results of the first week. You will feel our way of simplifying the language and make it easier by all available resources such as the Internet, media, TV, social media apps.

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Hebrew Programs