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Turkish Language Programs

Sebil Center is your address to learn Turkish

Despite what people say about the difficulty of the Turkish language, our teaching methods are very easy. Now you can learn Turkish easily and in an interesting way. If you want to travel to Turkey or want to communicate with Turkish people or to succeed in your business or even you if you want to study there, we help you achieve your goal because we know your needs.

Why Turkish at Sebil Center?

Sebil Center has great experience in teaching the Turkish Language. It is specialized in teaching Turkish for different levels from beginner to the advanced level. The Center offers continuing courses over the year into twelve levels starting from the beginner to intermediate to the advanced level.

Sebil Center offers its programs through a series of live and practical Turkish instruction in various academic fields, business, media, culture and other life aspects. Moreover, the Center offers consulting services in the Turkish language teaching for the people who are interested in business and commercial purposes.

The Center offers private (One-To-One) programs for learners in Turkey and other countries round the world directly through distance learning by using the multimedia means and other methods of distance learning. The Center prices for its services are very reasonable if it is compared with the unique and high quality of teaching.

Our Philosophy

Our educational philosophy is based on achieving students’ goal of learning Turkish easily for the purposes they need. It is also based on teaching language skills together and focus on the power of conversation, expression, understanding, and listening. We believe that students should use the language from the first classes without bothering or boredom.

Our own success in teaching the language is getting pioneers who have achieved their goal easily, and became satisfied by our unique educational philosophy which we exert our great efforts to get those satisfactory results.

We have integrated solutions in teaching language various skills: conversation, understanding, proper pronunciation, reading and writing, away from the traditional school methods.

We take into consideration the linguistic environment and the difficulty of learning new languages to the students; therefore, we have succeeded in simplifying learning and treating problems that learners may face.

Teaching Methods

Sebil Center teaches in a vivid, realistic, easy, simple and in an interesting manner, which starts with conversation, understanding, good and accuracy in listening, and implementing the rules of the language without the trouble and effort of traditional school study.

The basic point in Sebil Center’s teaching methods is to reach with the learner to be able to speak the language fluently and easily without the trouble of schools or centers which teach Turkish just as translation process from or to Turkish.

Our teaching methods – as you will see - are splendor of learning and ease, without means of translation, where your ability to learn with us is big and easy, and equally with everyone without the need for translation.

The responsibility of understanding the text depends on the teacher’s skill for teaching Turkish, and who is able to communicate meaning to you without having to translate it. By this way, you will feel the enjoyment of your self-understanding. Because our goal is to teach you as you are living in Turkey. We take into our consideration, the privacy of your linguistic environment, and how to help you think linguistically.

Our way of teaching is the integration of multi-media and other means to develop your ability to learn language easily in addition, to put you in a psychological and mental influential atmosphere to enhance your ability to learn the language.

Our way of teaching depends on your interest and consistently, where our responsibility is to let you feel the change, and satisfaction of your linguistic level.

We started our journey in teaching the Turkish language for more than 16 years, and we will continue to be your outstanding address to overcome any obstacles in learning the Turkish language and helping you achieve your goals.

The curriculum is based on our belief that students should learn Turkish practically and it should cover all life aspect in an easy and quickly manner. Thus, our mission is to facilitate and simplify learning process.

Do you want to learn Turkish at your home and at your spare time? We can help you learn Turkish via SKYPE, through conversation lessons, and personalized topics according to your level, needs and your spare time, wherever you are!

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