Arabic is one of the most important languages on the globe.
Over 500 million people speak Arabic, 422 millions as mother language.
It is the fifth most spoken language of the world.
It is one of only six official languages of the United Nations.
24 countries use the Arabic language.
During its 190th session, the UNESCO Executive Board adopted a decision to celebrate 18 December of every year as World Arabic Language Day.
New courses start nearly at the first week of each month round the year with flexible schedules.

Arabic is the language of Islam, and the Holy Quran is written in Arabic. To be able to understand the Quran, and in turn the Muslim faith, speaking Arabic is considered a most critical skill.
Fulfill major requirements.
Learn a new language in just weeks.
Expand your career opportunities.
Prepare for international travel.
Train your brain and improve your memory. Learning new language will keep your brain healthy and lively.
When you join one of Sebil Center's Arabic Programs (Intensive programs or Non-Intensive programs) for one month or more, Sebil Center will provide you with a gift "Gift From Palestine". The Gift is offered at the end of the course. It represents the Palestinian culture or local products.

SEBILCenter for Arabic Language - Ramallah, Palestine - has great experiences and is specialized in teaching Arabic for over 27 years, and offers various Arabic language programs for different purposes such as media, politics, diplomat, friendship, business, academic purposes and much more. The Center offers various programs: Online Arabic courses, Mixed Arabic courses (Standard & Colloquial Arabic), Standard Arabic courses, Colloquial Arabic courses, Week-End Arabic courses and Private Arabic courses (One-to-One). In addition, the Center also offers other special programs such as: Arabic for Diplomats, Arabic for Media, Arabic for Academic Purpose (College students & Researchers), and Summer Arabic Program for Kids.

You learn Arabic in the beautiful and the varied country, Palestine, with friendly people, excellent food and an amazing cultural heritage. The Center helps you to speak and understand Arabic as well as to write and analyze using the Arabic language. Therefore, you can speak and understand Arabic in a very few weeks and make your dream comes true.
Learn Arabic in Ramallah, Palestine and see how it is a wonderful language. There are lots of people who face difficulties in learning Arabic, but at SEBIL Center it is very easy.
The Arabic Language has the largest number of words in contrast with other languages. It has 12,300,000 words without repeating. While the English language has only 600,000 words according to the biggest English lexicon. This means that the Arabic words are more than 20 times of the English words. On the other hand, the French language has 150,000 words, and the Russian language has 130,000 words according to the biggest language lexicons. That’s may help answer the question: Is Arabic the mother of all languages?     
SEBILCenter makes you speak Arabic very well from the first day.

Learning is varied and contains various sources and fields which makes you always on contact with the Arab and Palestinian World.

Learning Arabic at SEBILCenter in Ramallah - makes you close to the people’s beautiful life and social atmospheres with the popular culture.

Learning Arabic at SEBIL isn’t traditional, it's effective, fun, fast, easy and guaranteed.
Learn moderate Arabic which is between the Standard Arabic and Colloquial Arabic. The Palestinian colloquial Arabic at SEBILCenter is the easiest way to learn the modern Arabic, since the Palestinian colloquial Arabic combines both the modern and the colloquial.

Learn Arabic at SEBILCenter and be confident that you learn better than most other places and centers that teach Arabic. Our teachers are specialized in teaching Arabic for foreigners, teaching methods and curriculum design.
Learn Arabic for the practical life, don’t waste time learning unused language. At SEBILCenter, we concentrate our efforts to teach you what you need.

At SEBILCenter, you learn the language, vocabulary, and the real, live, modern and practical situations in various fields.

SEBILCenter has a wide experience to prepare and design the teaching Materials for Arabic language and for all levels. So, we can design your own language curriculum for your own purposes and goals.

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