Notes:  Private (One-To-One) Arabic Training Course

* Lesson = 45 Minutes.
* Registration fee: €50 Euro paid once at registration.
* Study materials booklet: €50 Euro, paid every four weeks.
* Placement Test: €50 Euro, (For students other than beginners).
* Extending a program to more weeks or lessons should be done at least one week prior to the end of the current course.
* All prices quoted are subject to change without notice!
1. When you book monthly between 1 Lesson to 15 Lessons, Each Lesson costs €50 Euros.
2. When you book monthly more than 15 Lessons, see the rate in the application form options.
This course is designed for people who have no fixed time to learn the language or have their own purpose to learn the language. Therefore, group courses aren’t suitable for them. The course gives more attention for your own purposes of learning Arabic language. Moreover, you can learn the language much more quickly and with more efficiency compared with a group courses.

About the Course:

Program Description: This program offers the most intensive method of language training.

Nature of the Program:
Here you will learn Arabic in a course tailored to your needs. You decide how fast, how intensive and how long the course will be.
Program Materials: The course program and materials are organized according to your wishes and prerequisites.

Lessons per Week:
In a personal interview we will decide on goals and method. You can decide for yourself how many hours per day/week the course should be.

Hours of the Classes: You can choose mornings, evenings or weekends.

Starting Date: There are no set dates for booking individual training. You can enroll any time.

Duration: You choose according to your own individual needs.

Get in touch with SEBIL Center to arrange something that will suit you.
  Private (One-To-One) Arabic Training Program

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