Sebil Center has long and wide experience in teaching Arabic for different purposes. The Center is specialized in offering various types of Arabic courses. One of these courses is the Arabic Language Program For Diplomats or Arabic Language For Diplomatic Purposes.

It is a unique program dedicated to diplomatic and political purposes as well as for international cooperation, public administration, diplomatic and cultural procedures and protocols, public and practical life. The course introduces you to Arab local life through direct contact, media, correspondence, meetings, celebrations, etc. It deserves to join it - for its variety of activities and the ease of achieving satisfactory results in short time. You can join the Intensive Program or the Non-Intensive Program. Here are more details about the program.
  Arabic For Diplomats
Arabic For
Intensive Program Semi-Intensive Program Non-Intensive Program
Program duration At least 2 weeks and up to 48 weeks. At least 4 weeks and up to 48 weeks. At least 4 weeks and up to 48 weeks.
Lessons per week 20 Lessons.   10 Lessons.   6 Lessons.
Days per week 5 Days.   5 Days.   3 Days.
Lesson duration 45 Minutes.   45 Minutes.   45 Minutes.
Average number of students in class 5 Students.   5 Students.   5 Students.
Maximum number of students in class 8 Students.   8 Students.   8 Students.
Program levels 6 Levels, beginners to advanced. 8 Levels, beginners to advanced. 12 Levels, beginners to advanced.
Lessons periods (Choose One Only) Morning or evening.   Morning or evening.   Morning or evening.
Morning period
Subject to be changed
10:00 -13:00   10:00 -11:30    10:00 -11:30
Evening period
Subject to be changed
17:00 - 20:00    18:00 -19:30     18:00 -19:30
Program Fee of Two Weeks 40 Lessons = €1800 - -
Program Fee of Every Four Weeks 80 Lessons = €3200   40 Lessons = €1800    24 Lessons = €1100
Registration €100 €100 €100

Notes:  Arabic For Diplomats

* Lesson = 45 Minutes.
* Registration fee: €50 Euro paid once at registration.
* Study materials booklet: €50 Euro, paid every four weeks.
* Placement Test: €50 Euro, (For students other than beginners).
* Extending a program to more weeks or lessons should be done at least one week prior to the end of the current course.
* All prices quoted are subject to change without notice!

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 Five-Year Arabic Programs Calendar (Programs Starting Dates: 2022-2027)

 1 March 2023

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 1- The Private Arabic Training Program (One-To-One), Online Arabic Program and Full Immersion Arabic Program do not follow these dates. These kinds of courses start immediately at any date of registration.

   1 September 2023

  1 December 2024


 2-  For a group of students who have nearly the same language level also can start immediately at any date of registration.

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** Registration is still open for some courses.

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