There are many options available to SEBIL Center’s learners for accommodations at a reasonable price. In addition, SEBIL Center helps to arrange any option that suits your needs, otherwise,  you can look for your own housing by yourself:
Learn Arabic and enjoy your stay in Ramallah, Palestine!
(1) Studio:

Live in a quiet furnished Studio which is not far from the City Center.
The price doesn't cover meals.
There is a free Internet access.
The studio consists of one bedroom, a bathroom and sometimes with a small living room and a balcony (it varies, and depends on availability), small kitchen with some kitchen appliances, TV and refrigerator.
The cost of the rent varies between €1050 Euro to €1450 Euro which covers 4 weeks. The cost depends on several elements: such as the season, location, quality and other things.
The rent covers water and Wi-Fi bills for the four weeks.

(2) Local Family:

The Center helps students who prefer to stay with a local Arab family which its cost varies from €1,350 to €1,550 Euro for four weeks.
You will have your own bedroom, a private bathroom but sometimes the bathroom is shared.
Price covers the breakfast meal.

(3) In a hotel:

The Center helps students to book a room whom prefer to stay in hotels.
Prices vary and depend on the hotel itself, and started from €100 Euro a night.
We can provide you with the names of the hotels, locations, stars, and their prices when requested.

(4) In a furnished apartment:

The Center can help you get a furnished apartment for a learner or a group of learners who want to live together for a longer period.
Prices vary and depend on the quality and the location and started from €1300 a month in addition to the real estate fee which is equal to a half of a month rent amount, and the insurance fee. You can contact the Center for the exact prices.

In order to make reservation for any of accommodation choices prior to the starting date of the course, it is necessary to inform the Center and pay  the fees needed to arrange the rent prior to your arrival.

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