What Our Students Are Saying
Erik Stones, USA

"I think SEBIL Center is the best beginning to improve your knowledge not only in Arabic but also in a cultural way specially the Arab one. The kindness of the staff makes you feel as you are a member of one family. You learn the language with an environment full of fun. In addition, people here are so friendly and kind. I think my experience at SEBIL Center is the greatest one because it is now a part of my life. Thank you very much."
Alfred Green, England

“I thank my teachers because they were so patients and did a very good job. The first class I was confused, and I didn't understand anything. You helped me to learn many things. I know now that my Arabic is good, and I improved it a lot. I advise all other students who want to study or to improve their Arabic to come to SEBIL Center because it is very exciting. It's very interesting because you see wonderful places and meet many nationalities and can add to your general culture. Ramallah is a very nice place to live, and I plan to come back here one day.”
Cindy Baum, Germany

“At SEBIL Center I learnt how to speak and communicate fluently. Moreover, I learnt how to write and read well. I’ve been improved through a short period of three months. I think SEBIL Center has provided me with the high standard of education which I need to pursue my study in journalism. I enjoyed learning Arabic at SEBIL Center.”
Anne Adler, Germany

"I'm lucky that I can learn Arabic at SEBIL Center for 12 weeks in Palestine, the Holy Land. All my worries are vanished now, I feel of enjoyment and happiness to be here among lovely and friendly people."
"SEBIL has the perfect teaching systems, excellent teacher resources and kind students from different countries. I feel I'm so confident when speaking Arabic with others. I'm happy that I can speak this beautiful language. Thanks to my teachers!"
If you want to learn Arabic, I suggest you to come to learn it at SEBIL Center. You can lay a solid foundation in Arabic and make a lot of Arab friends and also from different parts of the world."
Luna Barnouin, Denmark

“My language experience at Sebil Center was very informative, friendly and professional. The teaching methods were structured, useful and enthusiastic. My teacher, who was energetic, creates an interesting, conductive learning environment. The topics which covered throughout the course were very varied which makes me very happy, very satisfied and helped me made a big progress. This was really more than I expected that’s why I recommend Sebil Center for all students who are looking for Arabic classes, and advise them to take private lessons which I found very useful unless you find someone on your level.”
Delanna Rocco, Italy

“I think the best decision for learning Arabic is taking classes at SEBIL Center. The teachers are wonderful and helpful. Before the course I couldn't understand any Arabic. Now I'm improving my Arabic every day. At the end of each day I learnt a lot of grammar, but in the same time I didn't realize that unless my teacher told me. Now, I can go out without fear. I think understanding is the most important thing. I can use everything I have learned in my classes and in life. I hope to learn more and more Arabic because I need it so much, especially in my career. Really, SEBIL Center is the best choice!”
Caroline Martin, Belgium

“I'm so glad that I made the right decision choosing SEBIL Center. I found there enthusiastic and excellent teachers, who have a lot of experience. I feel I learned more Arabic every class. I have learned at SEBIL Center to speak without being afraid. I'm really glad to have met there such nice people from different countries and made a lot of friends.”
Eriko Kai, Japan

“I learned a lot from the course, especially how to speak the Palestinian Arabic. I became more fluency and this is what I want to be. I was very satisfied with the course as well as with the teacher's efforts in the course whom I think is a GREAT teacher. I think the teaching methods are effective and the topics covered were along my interests. I think my experience was great and you should learn Arabic at Sebil Center!”
Karen Sears, Australia

“I found the course at Sebil Centre very useful. The standard of teaching is at  a high level and the lessons suitable for my language level. The teaching materials were stimulating and interesting and informative about the local culture and the homework useful for developing language skills.”
Jessica Kuester, Germany

The teaching methods at Sebil Center are: individual, intelligible, effective, competent and productive. The teacher found an appropriate balance between demanding and supporting. The atmosphere has always been very constructive and encouraging. The teacher created pleasant environment and acted very friendly. The topics were derived from everyday life and therefore useful. They were alternating with writing, reading, grammar and communication. I was really highly satisfied by the course. I have the impression to have learned a lot that will provide a solid basis to develop my language skills. The atmosphere was very pleasant and the balance between difficult and simple was very reasonable. I could have invested more time in learning vocabulary. Therefore, I think I had a pleasant and positive experience.
Osric, USA

My perception of the teacher is Excellent! And I want to note about the course topics, the Manner in which the topics were covered are more deserving of recognition. There was a flow which kept things engaging. I found the teaching methods at Sebil: Contemporary and very effective. Well, not quite ready to be a translator at the UN, however very inspired! In one word: I’m Extremely satisfied.
My Experience at Sebil Center: Wonderful, is too much, so let’s say really really really GREAT! Okay, add one more really!!! As a nonnative speaker of "considerable age", there was some concern if 'any' learning could be accomplished. The level and quality of instruction eliminated that concern on day 1. Please note, the pace initially was somewhat surprising. Yet, it consistently varied topic to topic, class to class allowing for what felt like a comfortable submersion into learning the language. It also energized a love of learning again!
My Advice: Absolutely worth your time & life's efforts and the sense of self satisfaction and reward is well worth it! Also to whoever has courage, you may get a chance to have Watermelon Cheese Sandwich! You Gotta Go To Class To Learn About This One!!!
Vania, Switzerland

"The teacher managed to easily create a positive and fun environment in which the transmission of the language was easy and straightforward. The teaching methods were well organized and concentrated on the complete immersal of the student in the Arabic language. While the use of a written manual was included in the course, a large majority of the lessons were focused on the oral use of the language. The main idea, as perceived by me, was to live the language first and foremost. My experience in the course were positive and satisfying. I was able to progress in all fields: understanding, writing, reading and talking.
The topics covered during the course were always related to things I was living, seeing and experiencing. Thus, they were relatable and important in my apprenticeship of the Arabic language.
I was very satisfied with the course and they reflected exactly what I was looking for.
My experience at Sebil Center were very positive. All my questions and requests were answered immediately, and a solution was always very quickly found,
I advise other students to take a course at the Sebil Center as the courses are very good and the teachers very competent. Furthermore, the city is very interesting and a good base for further trips in the West Bank. I was quite satisfied, although I think I could have studied a bit more..."
Catherine, USA

I recommend Sebil Center for anybody wants to learn Arabic, and I especially recommend being in a one-on-one session with a teacher. I loved being in a one-person class. It was very nice to have the teacher’s full attention. He did a great job of tailoring the course to me and my interests. His teaching method is very engaging and energetic, which made class very fun. I really like how he challenges me to think and talk about politics and how he asks me difficult questions about international relations. The teacher was great in so many ways. He challenged me, but he was also very encouraging. We read a lot in class, which helped me learn to feel more confident reading. The course material covers many topics: politics, culture, basic conversations, history. These are all great topics that I would like to talk more about. Next session, I would like to do more conversation skills too.
I had a very good experience. The administration is very organized, and the classrooms have a good environment. I am very satisfied; I am especially happy with all of the worksheets and other materials I received. I think my Arabic improved in some ways. I would like to continue the course in order to improve my speaking skills.

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